A Coffee Story

Coffee is the Dream!

Mauricio brought his family, sold Everything & MOVED FROM GUATEMALA TO encourage community IN every sip.

Mau Tells the Story

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How Did We Get Our Name?

Great artists refer to coffee as the protagonist for many historical events and social upheaval. For example, in 1723, Johann Sebastian Bach created the Coffee Cantata 211 (Kaffeekantate), to which we owe our name.


WHY IS Guatemalan Coffee Better?

There is a lot of technical reasons that make the coffee from guatemala one of the best in the world: different altitudes, more than 300 microclimates, coffee planted under shade.....but for me, the real reason guatemalan coffee IS better is the people and the coffee culture that we have in guatemala.
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Why Do You Call It 211 cafe?

In the 1700's there was a coffee the lower class people revolted again the rich, because they too wanted coffee. The elite hogged it all to themselves! Sebatian Bach the famous composer (although an elite himself at the time) agreed with the people and wrote the Coffee Kontata. Its a satiric opera about that revolt. We love music and how it bring people together. That's the goal of our coffee so we named the store after that piece.

How Does It taSTE Compared To OTHERS?

We use one roast, because its just right. Its a medium roast. We don't Roast it too much and that's very important. Most places default to a dark roast, but in actuality the medium gives you the purest, unaltered coffee taste if used with a good manual technique. [Don't Worry. We Do!] A light blend actually has the highest caffeine too. We're the perfect middle ground.

For The Purest & Smoothest Coffee Taste you've Every had, Get a v60. then Try OUR latte and see how the right Roast makes all the difference in ALL the Different Coffees we serve.