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Location: Alsask

The point of this blog is two things. Sure we will talk to you about coffee and recommend certain techniques, but above all else we want to show you the human part of coffee.

Something I can't say enough is that Café 211 was born by the love and passion that we have for coffee, but that we are convinced that it's more than a drink. It is an icebreaker.

Thats what keeps us different than the type of coffee shop that is hip and trendy. We love that and it's not bad, but it's just not us. We want to get to know you and this blog is a great way to get to know us. It's not just coffee. The story of the people behind the coffee. Here we tell stories of each of us who are involved in the 211 family. You can start here or in the cafe. We are excited to meet you and treat you like kings and queens!

Let's enjoy life together through a cup of coffee. No matter how bizarre it gets, you can always have a cup of coffee with us.

The power of coffee is to connect people and we want to connect with you through this blog!

Coffee yourrrr liiiiiiffffee!

- Mau / Owner