The Bentonville Library's Coffee Shop...Us!



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Location: Alsask

Next time you're looking for coffee in Downtown Bentonville, stop in the Bentonville Library and come see the friendly folks here at 211 Cafe. We take coffee very seriously so don't think we're just "library coffee." We offer a great line-up of manual techniques like Chemex, French Press, V60 & Aeropress and all the classic drinks like lattes, breves, mochas, and some drinks you won't find anywhere else, like the Katrina Sunrise and Little Italy.

We have two priorities.

Quality, Freshness & Guatemalan Style!

The first is to serve the best possible & freshest Guatemalan coffee around. We roast all our beans every week or two with Mountain Bird Coffee Roasters in Elm Springs, Arkansas, so it's always fresh and full of maximum flavor. We offer a medium roast so that we don't "overcook" or "undercook" the beans. This roast gives you 100% of the flavor. Something you don't see many places and believe me, you can taste the difference! It's wonderful.

Coffee Builds Community

The second is we want to bring people together over coffee. Coffee is arguably the best way to bring people together. Think about how many conversations start over coffee athat lead to the next big idea. We want to provide a friendly place where you can do that. This is why Mauricio our owner brought his Guatemalan coffee to the States!

The library provides you with a perfect place to work and meet. It has a great outdoor patio and a cozy indoor rotunda. We have a few customers that have made this their office and bring cool laptop stands and the full get-up, to come work for the day. So feel free to join us anytime we're open. we'll be happy to have you, your friends, your grandma and we we'll offer you the freshest cup of coffee possible!

See you soon! (We hope!)