The Legendary London Fog



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Location: Alsask

Hey there, my name is Brad and you'll definitely see me around the shop most anytime.

I've loved working at 211 for years and it's always been my go-to place for building websites. So if you need a great spot to you know!

As of lately, my favorite drink is the London fog. Let me tell you a little about it!

While 211 certainly has the best coffee I've ever had, this tea is also the best tea you will find around here. It's from Asami. A friendly fella named Hola has brought this tea from Africa and it is as fresh as it gets. Some places will add essential oils to boost the flavor of their teas, (and theres nothing wrong with that) but this tea can accomplish that without adding anything. The flavor really sings in your mouth.

Making the London Fog

So to make the London Fog you need the Earl Gray-style tea they call "Zanzibrew." I personally like it a little less sweet, so I put 1 oz (normally 2oz) of our home-made honey syrup, brew it for 4 minutes and pour the tea. I add a touch of cinnamon on the tea and pour on the steamed half and half. The cinnamon mixes with the milk and it's absolutely beautiful.

People love it. When I site down to drink it, I've had quite a few people tell me that it smells wonderful. They go on to try it and every time it's a hit.

Not only that but I've run into people who always get London Fog's elsewhere and they usually tell me this is the best one they've had.