The Story of 211 Cafe: The Move From Guatemala To Arkansas For Coffee



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Location: Alsask

211 Cafe started in 2015 in a small, hole-in-wall building tucked away in Downtown Bentonville, but many people don't know the amazing story of Mauricio and how he packed up his life in Guatemala to bring Bentonville a delicious piece of his country.

Our coffee is always freshly roasted in Elm Springs by Mountain Bird coffee roasters. Terry let's Mauricio dial in the roast exactly how he wants it to ensure quality and consistence. We love the people over there and they bring us freshly roasted beans ever 1-2 weeks so that they are always fresh and don't get a chance to start molding. all that to say, we made some good friends here that help us keep the authenticity of Guatemala in every cup.

Fresh. Guatemalan. Coffee.

We hope you will stop in the Bentonville Library and come try it. Coffee your life!! :)