What Is the Purest Way To Drink Coffee?



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Location: Alsask

It's the V60 technique and here's why.

It starts with our beans. Thye are roasted perfectly to match with our pour over and manual techniques. They are a medium roast, where as most places default to a dark. The medium preserves more of the coffee flavor and cuts out the bitter taste. Then comes the pour over that also preserves the coffee taste to its fullest potential. It is the purest form of the coffee next to the bean itself.

Pouring hot water over a v60.

What about the other manual techniques? Well we'd love to tell you more in person, but here's a brief overview. Everything above applies about the roast and pour overs but the result is slightly different.

The Frenchpress

Stronger than other pour over techniques. Packs a bigger punch too.

The Chemex

Most similar to a drip and makes more than other pour overs.

The Aeropress

A complex cup of beans. Flavors come in stages. It brings out a natural tastes of lime and blueberry that our beans have packed inside. No we do not add that. It's grown with the beans. It's very subtle and is a nice touch that differentiates us from others. The Aeropress also taste good as it cools. Its a very unique technique that we love!

You may be thinking: " I just want a latte."

We got you covered and now that you understanding the bean, the roast and these techniques, you'll probably find that you enjoy your latte a little more too. It's all the same coffee and we are just happy you like it! Enjoy it and as always...

Coffee your liiiiiffffeee!!!

(However you choose.)

Your new friend,

- Mau